11 Oct

All I wanted was to ride my skateboard.

I eagerly walked out into the cool night air, finally Arizona is below the triple digits!

In one fluid motion I tossed my skateboard onto the ground, jumped, pressed into the grip tape, and began pushing.

The refreshing breeze gave me a new life, I loved every second. The darkness didn’t bother me, the poorly lit sidewalks didn’t cause any threat. I pushed and pushed, gaining speed each time my foot hit the ground. Cars, people, lights, bushes, benches, all passed by me in a rush of fun and excitement!

However, one thing that refused to pass by me in compliance like all of the other friendly objects, was a large piece of sidewalk that angrily struck itself into the air above the rest of the smoothly shaped ground around me.

Full speed, too fast for my feet to save me. My board stopped, I continued. Straight into the ground.

I landed on a combination of my head and shoulder, like the shampoo, but not. This head and shoulder went numb until I could regain my composure. I waited a few minutes. Continued on my way, slept through the night, woke up at 5a.m. to turn off the alarm, sat up…*POP*.

Hmm that’s probably not good.

Broken collarbone.



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