17 Oct

All I wanted was to start my day off right.

A lovely morning, a lovely stroll, and a double rainbow all across the sky.

I was happily skipping on my double rainbow, stopping to eat some sunshine berries, when my entire life turned to death.

I realized that I had locked the keys in the car.

A rush of cold sweat poured down my forehead. I may have soiled myself. What was once all good and fluffy bunnies in the world, was now a death rocket that shot out rotten banana paste.

I was forced to brave multiple hours of public transit to pick up a spare key from deep within the concrete jungle.

Among travelers who’s minds were lost, and renegade sidewalk surfers, I pushed deep into a land without rainbows.

After a lifetime in purgatory, I barely escaped with my life. I salvaged the spare key and returned home.

My life is forever a thunderstorm of hate.



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